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Health and Fitness Journey
Believe and Apply!

Welcome to Coach Satira

“Believe and Apply!”

I am here as a holistic health and fitness coach to help you on your journey towards a healthier lifestyle. I started with the love for health and fitness, then began my journey as a coach. I became a Certified P90X Fitness Instructor and Certified Personal Trainer.

I have worked with over 100 fabulous ladies with not only the physical and nutritional transformations but also emotional and mental. We work together to loose weight, tone up, build muscle, increase energy, positive role model, a more positive attitude and self esteem. I am here to help you to figure out your goals and the kick in the butt to get them started and keep going to success.

More About Me


I have always been physically active so when I decided to take on full time work that required all day driving and then full time school that required being in front of a computer all night – I gained a lot of weight! I ate bad, had no energy, was irritable, unhappy, high anxiety, depression and to the point my doctor told me that I was overweight and needed to make some changes.  I made some changes in my life in order to loose the weight, have all my health test results back into the green, eating better, having energy, anxiety and depression was managed, felt like I was on top of the world and the best part – wanted to share this journey with everyone to hopefully help someone else who was in a similar position.

Since then I have become a Certified P90X Trainer and teach CSX fitness classes, have taken my Sports Nutrition and Exercise Diploma as well as several Health & Weight Loss and Nutrition Courses along the way. Recently, I have become a Certified Personal Trainer through CanFit Pro and am working towards my Older Active Certificate as well.

I have been known by others to put a lot of time, effort, motivation and dedication into the people I am coaching and I would love to be here to help you too! 🙂